Hi Guys

Its my first post on the site so go easy on me please. I have a quick question that im hoping will be answered by one of you clever lot.

Im currently an industrial electrician thats moving into the refrigeration side of things. Im going to serve another apprenticeship in refrigeration but im receiving on site training at the moment from contractors. The plant in question is a small compressor which is running on 404a, its chilling a room with 2 evaporators.

My question is this, when the discharge/head pressure enters the condenser at approx 16Bar, the fans are running and rejecting heat, does the pressure drop across the condenser?

One contractor told me that the pressure will drop as the temperature drops, this sounded legit at the time but another has now told me that it is nonsense and the temperature drops but the pressure from the compressor through the condenser to the expansion valve is ALWAYS constant??

This may be correct but its the opposite of what ive been told previous.

Any help will be much appreciated.