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Thread: calculate the time to reach a given thickness

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    calculate the time to reach a given thickness

    Hello everyone

    I would like to submit a question.
    How can you calculate the time it takes to reach a given thickness of ice that will form a "tube ice" machine with these features:

    Aluminum tubes size = 1/2 "
    Number of tubes = 750
    Height, tubes = 3m
    Water volume in pipes = 1,250 m3
    Inlet water temperature = + 20 C
    Brine temperature In = -15 C
    Brine temperature Out = -13.5 C
    Refrigerant side volume = 1.6m3
    Ambient temperature = + 33 C

    I tried with this formula but it seems too far from reality.

    Calculation of ice / time thickness

    X = sqr (T * dt * K) / ρ * cs

    X = thickness meters
    T = second time

    Input minutes process = 10min min
    Dt. Glycol solution from 0 C = 15 C
    Thermal conductivity coefficient 5,02E-04 Kal / m. s. C
    Specific weight h2o 1000 kg / m3
    Latent heat of solidification 80Kcal / kg
    Ice thickness in mm 7,5mm

    Thanks so much

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    I think you shall look at the flow and dT of the brine solution to determine the cooling capacity that you have to cool the water. Then you can determine the energy needed to cool volume water from +20C to -1C.

    X - Time


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