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Thread: Refrigeration Institute Grimsby

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    Refrigeration Institute Grimsby


    I'am new to Grimsby Institute. Starting my first degree in refrigeration. I have a hope that all will be fine.

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    I think, Grimsby Institute is the best if you want to expand your knowledge about refrigeration.

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    I will tell you more about the course in September. Now I'am trying to get ready to start.

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    Hi, I'am new to this site. Can you tell me more about refrigeration courses in Grimsby? What kind of courses the Grimsby Institute provides.

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    There are few courses which you can choose. C&G Level 3, Amonia handling certificate, Fsdc in Refrigeration and Air Conditionig and also BSc in Refrigeration level 5. I think the last one is for a Refrigeration Engineer who wants to become a Project Manager. I had difficulties with the right course for me. Because in UK is not many Unins that run the coures about refrigeration on level 4 or 5.

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    I have some pictures for you, of how it is looks the Institute.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks nice to me. Is there any access to Library and books? I'am asking because is very difficult to get any of books for refrigeration engineers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aron View Post
    Is there any access to Library and books?
    Yes there is Library open 24/7 with about 150 books about refrigeration and air conditioning. I have seen some HVAC books too.

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    How's your course going, does look good and it's true, not many fridge books out there

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