A solid circular shaft in diameter is subjected to a torque of


(I). The maximum stress due to torsion.
(II). Find the angle of twist over a length of the shaft given that the modulus of rigidity of the shaft is
(III). What would be the input of using a hallow shaft given a similar diameter? (static made)

Date given:

T= Total torque
R= Outside radius of the shaft
J= Second moment of area for solid shaft
= Shear stress
G= modulus of rigidility

Using the standard relationship:
For a solid circular shaft:


Maximum value of the shear stress. which occurs at the outer surface of the shaft is equal to

Theory of torsion:


Angle of the twist is equal to 18,05


Assuming the diameter of the hollow shaft (internal)

J= Hollow shaft formula:

Hollow shaft with diameter of 35mm, has input of shear stress equal to