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Thread: Trigonometric Equations

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    Trigonometric Equations

    In this topic, I'm going to show how to count basic trigonometric equation for sine and cosine wave forms.

    To make solving the equation easier, I will use the following trigonometric table.

    Exercise 1.

    Solve equation: in range

    I going to draw the and

    In range of (0,2) I have found two points where line is crossing the sine wave.
    To find we have to look at table and check value for
    We can find that

    because range of is equal in length

    Answer: and

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    Exercise 2.

    Solve equation

    Draw the wave on graph: and

    In range of we found two points where line is crossing wave

    In trigonometric table we can find that the value of is equal to
    So length of and
    Because range of and has the same distance, which is equal to

    Answer: and

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    Solve equation for

    We know from Exercise 1 on top of page, that the function has its first point of crossing waveform at

    In range (0,2) we can find two points on graph where function crossed

    Answer: and

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