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Thread: Doubt in Screw Compressors

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    Doubt in Screw Compressors

    In my theoretical classes of my engineering I read that when a liquid enters into a compressor then the compressor gets damaged.

    But coming to practical, I have seen a screw compressor where the refrigerant flows into the compressor, coming in contact with the lube oil of the compressor. So any how the lube oil may enter into the compressor.

    So how can we justify this

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    All depends of the type of compressor. They have various construction. In hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors you can find gasket. Gasket can get damaged by (liquid) refrigerant. Oil keep circulating in system all the time. Additionally you can install oil separator. It will separate oil from refrigerant before, its enter the compressor. Lubricant (oil) is very important for most types of compressors.


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