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Shear Forces Bending Moments

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Uploaded by Matthew - 06-07-2014
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MNQ, finds shear forces and moments functions by using the method of sections and draws diagrams of these functions for isostatic straight beam.
MNQ gives solution for
Cantilever beam (A cantilever beam is fixed at one end and free at other end.)
Simply-supported beam (That has pinned support at one end and roller support at the other end.)
Overhanging beam (That has one or both end partions extendeing beyond its supports.)

Loads can be
Concentrated forces,
Distributed loads (uniformly, triangular, trapezoidal)

-In the first time run, MNQ creates a directory on your device's SD card. Your examples can be saved in mnq directory (If you want). You can find the saved examples in the mnq directory and open them touching on.

-After entering the beam length, boundary condition and loads, system becomes can be solved. First, reactions at supports are determined.

-After the reaction forces were known, the beam is cut at the location where discontinuous points (where point forces, reaction forces, at start and end of




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